Along with Gasprin, he was also surprised in amazement. It is unknown if he was in the crash or not.


Rusty Cornfuel grew up on a farm in Mississippi and gained his reputation among the locals for founding and running his own racing circuit with his buddies. Rusty won most of the races and made enough money off the event to sponsor himself professionally he won a few races on the piston cup circut as result got his current sponsor Tow Cap Hitch Protectors came front bill for his racing team that league he founded is now minor league for piston cup racing circut as result made fortune and is still making  fortune by become the owner the piston cup minor league, ,he still wins piston cup races he always places in top ten at the end year standings for the piston cup. That a sponsor came along to front the bill for his team. Now Rusty can spend his own money on more important things, like flying his buddies from the farmdown for every race.

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