Sammy(also called Stu) is Doc Hudson's old rival. He crashed Hudson Hornet during the final lap of the Piston Cup Championship in 1954.


During the final lap Piston Cup championship event of 1954, Sammy sideswiped Hudson Hornet, making him spin out of control and crash. Doc kept a newspaper article on the crash as a reminder never to return to the life that nearly killed him. He later came to join the Radiator Springs race, without knowing that Doc was there.


  • He causes Doc’s wreck in the comics but not in the film because in Cars 3, McQueen watches the footage of the race in which Doc crashed on which it was caused by losing control, not Sammy slaming as he doesn’t appea in the fil,
212px-Sammy sideswipping Doc Hudson
212px-Sammy travaling to Radiator Springs