Sarge's Boot Camp is an Activity in Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures.


(Lightning McQueen drives over to Sarge's Surplus Hut.)
Lightning McQueen: "Hey, Sarge. How are ya?"
Sarge: "Call me sir!"
Lightning McQueen: "Yes, sir!"
Sarge: "That's more like it, soldier. You want to be a champion, you have to train like a champion. You got to want it, son, you've got to taste victory! Do you understand?!"
Lightning McQueen: "Not really. I was just coming by to see your obstacle course."
Sarge: "You want to see the course? Then follow me and get ready for the challenge."
Lightning McQueen: "But I was just..."
(They drive over to the obstacle course.)
Sarge: "A-ten-hut!"
Lightning McQueen: "Yes, sir!"
Sarge: "Okay, soldier. Drive on up and let's see what you're made of!"
Lightning McQueen: (to himself) "Awww, man. What have I got myself into?"


Work your way through Sarge's obstacle course.

Press the mouse button to jump.

Be careful! Some of those obstacles are just too big to jump over. You'll have to drive around them.

The Game

Legends Races

When you win this event, you unlock the Legends Race secret for Sarge.

Next and Previous Events

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Legends Races
<< 4.) Ramone 5.) Sarge 6.) Mater >>

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