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Shu Todoroki
Character Information



Dome S102


World Grand Prix Racecar

Voiced by

Erik Passoja

Movie Appearances

Cars 2

Video Game Appearances

Cars 2: The Video Game

Shu Todoroki is a fast race car from Japan. His top speed is 203 mph and he never exploded,And in London, he was in 9th position on the starting line. He was seen at the Radiator Springs Grand Prix.


File:Cars 2 Turntable "Shu tortioky"
Shu Todoroki is a Le Motor Prototype racer representing Japan and bearing #7 (as you can see on his hood)

in the World Grand Prix. Shu was raised at the base of the active Mount Asama volcano in Japan, and soon became a champion on the Suzuka Circuit.

His sleek design sports a fiery red Ka-Riu dragon, which Shu borrowed from Japanese legend because he relates to the small, yet fierce nature of the dragon. His team legacy is filled with victories - his coach, a Mazda, was the only Japanese car to ever win at Le Mans - and Shu hopes to prove his champion-level racing on the international stage of the World Grand Prix. And I call Shu tordioki Shu Footasocky get it :D. You know shoe foot sock get it that is what the joke is.


2000mph Horsepower:900

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