Skipper Riley is a supporting character in the Cars Toons episode, Air Mater, and the deuteragonist in the 2013 film, Planes.


A reclusive old Navy Corsair, Skipper was an ace flier and top instructor of the esteemed Jolly Wrenches squadron until an incident during a combat mission took him off the front lines and left him grounded for life. These days, Skipper keeps to himself, but his quiet existence is turned upside down when an ambitious and persistent Crophopper Dusty solicits Skipper’s aerial expertise—and gets a few life lessons in the process. But Skipper—who’s never really come to terms with his past—finds that he has a few things to learn, too, and while coaching Dusty to fly faster and smarter, the teacher becomes the student.[1]

Air Mater

He is a plane that runs Skipper's Flight School in Propwash Junction and teaches Mater how to fly.


He will also appear in Planes as Dusty Crophopper's mentor.


  • Skipper's make (F4U Corsair) and Skull and Crossed Wrenches insignia on his engine cowling are clearly based upon the World War II US Navy Figher Squadron VF-17 ("The Jolly Rogers"). Skipper even has "VF-17" stencilled on his rear fuselage. In the photo, you can compare Skipper with "Big Hog", the Corsair flown by Cdr Tom Blackburn, CO of VF-17.
  • His voice actor was spelt wrong as Stacey Keach.



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