Sponsored by Sidewall Shine, the racecar sporting the number 74 is named Slider Petrolski. Clad in yellow he only appeared in the Motor Speedway of the South (movie) race from the beginning of the movie Cars. He is the nephew of former rcaer, Slide Powers.

Slider is a Capitol Motors/Verve XT.

Cars Bio

"Slider Petrolski's parents named him Slider after his uncle, famed dirt track racer Slide Powers, who graced the gritty, makeshift tracks of the late forties. Aspiring to his namesake, Slider started racing at an early age. He challenged postal trucks, taxis, delivery vans, and all varieties of unsuspecting pedestrian motorists. He even raced a police car, but only once."

Cars: The Video Game

He does appear in the video game, but with #64, which is RPM's number.

He's in the 2nd pack in all of the Piston Cup Races.