Smash Up 2 is the 12th Gold Event in Cars Race-O-Rama.


Mater drove out of the Rustbucket Stadium from a race when Bubba and the Taters came over. "Mater!" said Bubba suddenly. "Dadgum!" said Mater, freaked out. "What?" said Bubba. "Did I scare you?" "Me scared?" said Mater. "Nah! The only thing that scares me is. . . Well, never mind. I was like talking about the Ghostlight, because it's about to shake the rust off your bumper, the dirt from your windshield, the holes from your carburetor!" "Are you done babbling now?" asked Bubba. "Yeah, I guess so," said Mater. "Good," said Bubba. "Then me and the Taters would like to. . ." "Hey," said Mater. "I just thought of something! 'Tater' rhymes with 'Mater'!" "Not only that," said Tater. "But Mater rhymes with Tater too!" "Come on!" said Mater. "Let's try to find some more stuff that rhymes with our names!" So Mater, Tater, and Tater Jr. went to find some more stuff they rhymes with their names. "Those 3 couldn't spell I.Q. if they started from the I," said Bubba.

The Race

In this race, you're as Mater in a 3 lap race around the Rustbucket Stadium, and your opponents are one of Mater's Cousins, Tater, and Tater Jr. on the PlayStation 2. On other consoles, 2 more of Mater's Cousins, Sarge, and Fred are added. Place in first to get a gold trophy, second for silver, and third for bronze.


  • This track is Smash Up 1 in reverse. The sparkplugs you collect are on the same spots.

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