The Great Race Case is the first episode of LEGO Cars 2: Mater's Brick Tales.


The Big Race was coming to Radiator Springs, and everyone was there to see it, including Mater, who was rooting for his best friend, Lightning McQueen, to win. However, an alarm comes from the ground, and Mater gets sent deep down into the ground, while a replica of Mater takes his place.

Deep in the ground, Mater finds himself in a secret spy lair with Finn McMissile, Holley Shiftwell, and a Secret Spy Screen. The Secret Spy Screen tells Mater that bad guys (Grem and Acer) are out to sabotage the race, and that he must stop them. Then a bunch of robotic arms suit Mater up with gadgets, including replacing his towing cable with another. Before Mater can say anything else, the elevator sends Mater back to Radiator Springs.

The racers were about to pass by, so Mater unfolds a huge pair of spy binoculars to watch what's happening. He notices that Lightning is in the lead, but then he saw Grem and Acer behind the racers. Grem and Acer pulled out some guns. Mater had to do something, so he went through the crowd onto the race track.

Wondering what he should do, a rocket comes out of Mater's towing cable, sending Mater into the air. Mater is having trouble controlling the rocket. He zooms past the racers and Grem and Acer. Grem and Acer each shot a missile at Mater. The missiles chased Mater. However, Mater turned around and passed Grem and Acer again, and that caused the them to get shot by their own missiles. Mater completed his mission.

However, there was another problem. How will Mater stop and land?

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