The Music of Cars Land
The Music of Cars Land is a limited edition soundtrack album featuring 13 songs from different Cars Land rides and restaurants.


  1. Route 66 (Chuck Berry)
  2. Welcome to Radiator Springs (Joe Louis Walker)
  3. Radiator Rock (Joe Louis Walker)
  4. Mambo Italiano (Rosemary Clooney)
  5. Stop in the Name of Love (The Supremes)
  6. Riding in My Car (Car Car Song) (Woody Guthrie)
  7. Low Rider (Espanol Fantasma Mix) (War)
  8. Junkyard Jamboree (Larry the Cable Guy)
  9. Big Bulldozer (Larry the Cable Guy)
  10. Tow Mater (The One You Want to Call) (Larry the Cable Guy)
  11. Mater's Square Dance (Larry the Cable Guy)
  12. Let's Go Driving (Larry the Cable Guy)
  13. Radiator Springs Racers: Attraction Ride Through


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