The Mystery of the Missing Parts is the second episode of LEGO Cars 2: Mater's Brick Tales.


It was a beautiful day in Radiator Springs. Mater was driving around, saying hello to his friends. He was noticing that they were looking kind of different. Then, an alarm came out of the ground, and the road shot Mater into the air, and he landed in Siddeley.

There, the Secret Spy Screen told Mater that Grem and Acer are stealing car parts near Radiator Springs, and that he must stop them. Then a bunch of robotic arms suited Mater up, including putting something on top of Mater. Then Siddeley dropped Mater down, and Mater landed safely. So, Mater went all around Radiator Springs, trying to find the missing car parts.

He looked everywhere, but finally, he found them. When he got there, Acer appeared in front of him. Grem was behind him, and he unfolded a bunch of robotic arms and weapons. They were closing in on Mater, but then, Mater unfolded a magnet, which took all of Grem's robotic arms and weapons, and parts of both Grem and Acer, and dropped them on the ground. Mater completed his mission.

He got everyone's parts back, but he got mixed up, and everyone had someone else's parts.
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