The VINs are characters in Cars Race-O-Rama. Basically, they're some of Chick's students who turned themselves into VINs. They are all white, and have bar codes on them. They talk in a robotic way and say lots of robotic words, like "The numbers compute."

Cars Race-O-Rama

In the game, they first appear in the cut-scene for Off Road Race 2, where some of Chick's students went into the MotorCo. building in Autovia, and came out the other side as VINs. Then, they appear in basically every race after that. In Sprint 2, all your opponents are VINs. However, unlike Candice, El Machismo, and Stinger, they didn't apologize to Lightning McQueen for how they behaved, probably because they are robots, and they would probably only switch sides if they're reprogrammed to.


  • VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number.
  • The VINs are voiced by MacinTalk, like the Autopilot from Disney and Pixar's WALL-E.
  • Only the main 4 Chick Hicks students did not turn into VIN's.


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