Topper Deckington III is a double-decker bus in Cars 2.


Topper Deckington III is a classic British double-decker bus in a vivid shade of red who relishes in his daily Killswitch route through London's famous bustling Petroldilly Circus.

Cars 2

A lot of double-decker buses appear in Cars 2 driving around London, England, but it's unknown which one is Topper.

150px-Double decker bus

Cars 2: The Video Game

A bunch of double-decker buses appear in the game. They appear in the tracks in London going around a loop when drifting around in the tracks. If you hit one, they will make you spin and slow down. Also, Topper appears on a loading screen on occasions.


  • Topper Deckington III is modeled as an RM-class AEC Routemaster.
  • One of the double decker buses has an advertisement for "Calahan's Gastropub & Knittery", which is an allusion to Lighting Director Sharon Calahan.
  • The die-cast version of the double decker bus looks nothing like Topper, since he is assigned to a different route number while Topper is assigned only to Killswitch.
  • The right half of Topper's windshield resembles a monocle. This is because in real life, a Routemaster bus' windshield  is completely asymmetrical, with the right windshield being protruded more than the left. Topper is also given a more protruding nose and his grille resembles a mustache.

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