Trev Diesel is a character in Cars. He is an EMD E-series diesel-electric locomotive.



"Working for Pacific Flyer Railroad, Trev Diesel has seen a lot of changes alongside his tracks. He's witnessed the coming of the Interstate and the disappearance of many of the small towns he used to pass through, but he's still going strong. He still loves pulling a long haul across the desert at night. It's so peaceful - just Trev, the full moon, and the jackalopes."

In the Film

Trev is the engine pulling the train that Lightning McQueen tries to beat to the crossing, just before he comes across Radiator Springs.


  • Trev is a EMD E-unit, probably either an E7 or an E9.
  • Trev's locomotive number is A113.
  • Trev Diesel, Stephenson, and Galloping Geargrinder are the only trains seen in the Cars series (although there are others in the Planes films).

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