Cal Weathers

  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is Piston Cup Racer
  • I am Male
  • Cal Weathers

    My Racing Career

    July 10, 2017 by Cal Weathers

    Racing Career Lightning McQueen started his racing career in the 2006,same as me but with only one difference he started in the piston cup while me in my studies.So in a way we can say that my studies is my racing career in my perspective.My father was like Strip Weathers in his studies,a seven time winner. Well,like Cal Weathers,I am like a veteran racer on tracks now.

    The Beginning: Well,I started in the 2006 piston cup season and I won the piston cup although Lightning McQueen won too.We did not want to have a tie-breaker (due to the fact that what happened at the 2005 Piston Cup Season) as we thought it was best to have two winners.I gave Mcqueen all the spotlight (that's why I wasn't seen in the 2006 Piston Cup Season when receiving t…

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