There's number for the racers

1# Francesco Bernoulli

  • Wp c2 francesco 1920x1200-1-
    Speed Type:Triple Speed
  • Anti Hero:Lightning McQueen
  • Number:1#
  • Country:Italy

2# Lewis Hamilton

Wp c2 lewis 1920x1200-1-
Speed Type:Normal Speed

Hero:Jeff Gorvette



4# Max Schnell

  • Wp c2 max 1920x1200-1-
    Speed Type:Normal Speed
  • Anti Hero:All Racers
  • Number:4#
  • Country:Germany

5# Miguel Camino

Wp c2 miguel 1920x1200-1-
Speed Type:Double Speed




6# Raoul CaRoule

  • Wp c2 raoul 1920x1200-1-
    Speed Type:Low Speed
  • Anti Hero:Lightning McQueen,Carla Veloso
  • Number:6#
  • Country:France

7# Shu Todoroki

Wp c2 shu 1920x1200-1-
Speed Type:Double Speed

Hero:Chuki,Geisha Cars



8# Carla Veloso

  • Wp c2 carla 1920x1200-1-
    Speed Type:Normal Speed
  • Hero:Chick Hicks,Carla's Fans
  • Number:8#
  • Country:Brazil

9# Nigel Gearsley

Wp c2 nigel 1920x1200-1-
Speed Type:Low Speed

Hero:The Queen,English Fans


Country:United Kingdom

10# Rip Clutchgoneski

  • Rip from cars
    Speed Type:Double Speed
  • Hero:I don't know
  • Number:10#
  • Country:Republic of New Rearendia

24# Jeff Gorvette

Wp c2 jeff 1920x1200-1-
Speed Type:High Speed

Hero:Lewis Hamilton


Country:United States

95# Lightning McQueen

  • Wp c2 lightning 1920x1200-1-
    Speed Type:High Speed
  • Anti Hero:Francesco Bernoulli
  • Number:95#
  • Country:United States

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