Vince is a character who appears in most of the Cars video games.

Cars: The Video Game

In Cars: The Video Game, he appears in Ornament Valley Circuit and the cut-scene. He and his friends challenge Lightning McQueen to a race around Ornament Valley. He is also one of the speeders in one of the levels of Sheriff's Hot Pursuit. Later, he appears in the cut-scene for Tailfin Pass Circuit listening to Fletcher. Later in the chapter, he appears in the cut-scene for Chick's Challenge where he saw McQueen roll into the gas station and said "Hey, look guys! It's the king of the road!" He races in the race too.

In Chapter 5, he was seen racing in Tailfin Pass Grand Prix and Ornament Valley Grand Prix. During the cut-scene for Ornament Valley Grand Prix, Darrell Cartrip had an interview with him.

He's not a playable character in this game.

Cars Mater-National

Vince appears a few times in Cars Mater-National. He appears in Fillmore's Natural Preserve, Ornament Valley Airport, and The Upper Mine. He appears as your opponent in Levels 2 and 8 in Doc and the Law's Race 'n' Chase. He's also the second car in one of the teams in Luigi and Guido's Team Relay 3. In the intro for Tailfin Pass, he is seen in the race with Sonny all tired, and begins to think that maybe he's in the wrong race. He's not a playable character.

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