Vitaly Petrov is a character that appears in the Russian version of Cars 2.[1]

ТАЧКИ 2. Виталий Петров и Льюис Хэмилтон

Vitaly Petrov in Cars 2

He is a race car that Lightning McQueen meets at the World Grand Prix welcome party.


  • Vitaly Petrov replaces Jeff Gorvette the time of one scene in the Russian version, which is part of a localization of the movie in six different countries.[2]
  • Vitaly has the same car body as Max Schnell.
  • He appears on a card in the credits of all versions of Cars 2.
  • He is based on, named after and voiced by Russian Formula One driver Vitaly Petrov. His paint job is designed after the Russian flag. It includes a car-ified version of the coat of arms of Russia, that replaces the two-headed eagle with a composition of wrenches, tailfins, nuts and cogs.


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