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Winford Bradford Rutherford, number 64, is the third race car that Chick Hicks bumps into, causing a giant wreck.


"An Ivy League school may seem like an unlikely place to start in the racing world. But only a couple of years ago Winford Bradford Rutherford was grille-deep in physics books learning about momentum, velocity, and anything else that would give him an edge on the track. His doctor and lawyer friends at the country club thought he was crazy, but the studying paid off. Winford is now a highly respected Piston Cup racer. He uses his vast knowledge of physics to cheat the wind and out-maneuver his fellow racers, who affectionately call him, "The Professor.""[1]

Winford was the third car to get hit by Chick Hicks.

Winford races for the team "RPM".



155px-220px-Winford Bradford Rutherford
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