World grand prix

World Grand Prix logo

The World Grand Prix is a racing competition set up by Miles Axlerod. He set it up to advertise for his new renewable fuel: Allinol. The competition took place in three locations in three different countries: Tokyo, JapanPorto Corsa, Italy; and London, England. The race cars were the 11 best racers in the world: Lightning McQueen, Francesco Bernoulli, Carla Veloso, Shu Todoroki, Jeff Gorvette, Miguel Camino, Rip Clutchgoneski, Lewis Hamilton, Nigel Gearsley, Max Schnell, and Raoul ÇaRoule.At the end of the movie, it was discovered that the whole World Grand Prix was a set up by Miles Axlerod just to turn the world against alternative fuels.


In real life, Formula One cars do not compete against production and prototype racecars. F1 also does not feature races any longer than approximately three hours.

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